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Martin Maden

Film Maker and Writer, New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea

Martin_MadenMartin is a freelance filmmaker and screenplay writer. He has worked as a director of photography, cameraman and sound engineer on numerous film productions, both locally and internationally. He is author and director of several successful films and has run film training workshops since 1986 in the Pacific, Europe and Brazil. Martin was Executive Director of the Environmental Law Centre, a Papua New Guinean Non Government Organisation, from 2001 to 2004. During that time, working to support rural communities affected by industrial exploitation, he started to create and design what he calls "Forum Process Filmmaking" - a method of filmmaking suited to remote communities in Papua New Guinea that supports rural livelihoods by utilising "cinematic democracy" within a participatory and public responsibility forum. He has successfully applied some elements of this genre in his new film "Crater Mountain Story".