Choose Trees The Tree Growers Tool Kit helps people to choose the right trees for their lifestyle. We're developing a set of multi-media resources for tree growers and field workers.  

TGTK_Which_trees_3The Tree Growers Tool Kit currently contains pamphlets and a "local priority species" pack that help people answer the following questions:

  • Which trees can help me?

  • Which trees can grow on my land?

  • Which trees suit my surroundings?

  • Which trees shall I plant?



These A5 Tree Selectors are written in simple English with Tok-Pisin illustrations for double-sided printing on single A4 sheet (folded to A5):

These A5 Tree Fact Sheets are written in Tok-Pisin with illustrations for double-sided printing on single A4 sheet:

These 6 A5 Balsa Fact Sheets (including Choosing Balsa) are written in English with photos for double-sided printing on single A4 sheet:



This LPS Selection Pack containing guidelines, questionnaires and tally sheet in English for helping landowner groups to select their local priority species (LPS) and planting designs:


Other Publications:

The Extension Materials and Research Papers listed below relate to the topic "Which trees shall I plant?".  These documents reflect the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of Pacific lsland Projects:

Tree fact sheets

Promotional posters

Research papers


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